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Take your guests' breath away and give them an evening they will never forget.  Transform your dinner surroundings and let your guests escape to another place or time. Listed below are a few ideas on how to turn a dining function into an adventure. 

Pirates of the Sea

2pirate entrance.jpg (159926 bytes)Experience life as a pirate.  Provisions and treasures of the great pirate ship sit on both sides of the entrance introducing your guest to the pirateís life. Under the tiki you will find barrels of rum, wine, and other wet liquids to quench your thirst and fill your stomach. Posted on the wall is a large canvas treasure map perhaps this very map will lead you to your next treasure. Scattered about the premise are various "Jolly Roger" flags reminders of the freedom and dangers of pirate life. The treasure is guarded by a not so lucky skeleton from the belated crew who, was caught with his hands in the captainís "loot." Treasure chests are filled to the brim with jewels, gold coins, candelabras and pearls. Bottles and barrels of rum lie about the area as well a poster of the pirateís creed. 

Tropical Luau

Luauentr.GIF (384689 bytes)Immerse yourself with the sights, smells and culture of the islands.  The glow of tiki torches will lead your guests to the entrance of the party where they will pass through the bamboo entrance adorned with shell curtains and tiki gods on both sides.  For some added fun pose with one of our feathered friends.  Add adventure to the evening with the drum beats and dancers of Polynesia.  Let our dancers teach you the art of hula dancing.  Feast at the buffet decorated with grass skirting, island instruments, tiki gods, shells, tropical leaves and flowers.  Sip on a tropical luau drinks under one of our grass tiki huts.    

Castaway Island

You and your crew have been shipwrecked onto a tropical desert island.  Native stone-carved faces remind the castaways that they are not alone on this island.  An outrigger canoe, water pump and bamboo hut present the castaways with a tropical way of life.  Sit back and enjoy your tale on this deserted island.

Beach Party

Kick your shoes off and easy on down to this causal beach party.  The  soft glow of tiki torches will lead your guests to the Beach Party.  Stacks of lobster traps draped with fish nets are dockside and ready to plunge into the crystal blue waters of the keys.  Theatrical lighting  will set an amber glow portraying a warm sun.  Tap your toes to the classic beach time tunes which fill the air as your guest unwind sipping on cool drinks from one of the Tiki huts.  Scattered throughout the surrounding area are photo opportunities with windsurf boards, sails, paddles, colorful beach umbrellas, sand buckets and large beach balls.  Bouncing above are small beach balls strung across the dance floor. 

Under the Sea

Thee sparkling blue Caribbean waters will tantalize your guests as they submerge themselves under the sea. From the ceiling will be flowing colors of blue and green. Swimming throughout the room will be whimsical tropical fish, a giant purple octopus and "Man of War" displaying their colorful tentacles below the water's surface.  An array of colors from various soft corals, sponges, starfish, and sunken treasure decorate the seaís bed of sand. Beauty and harmony are at work as your guests proceed through this display of the underwater world.

Everglades Experience

Img_0200.jpg (609295 bytes)Alligators lurking under the docks with lobster traps, lanterns, tin wash tubs, canteens, plants, and camouflage netting creates the atmosphere of being out in the Everglades in a hideaway cabin.  Sounds of crickets, frogs and other wild creatures fill the air from the nearby hardwood hammock.  Stay on high ground so the gators don't get you! 


Casablanca Party

Your guests are welcome to an evening of intrigue at this mystical Casablanca party.  Performances by belly dancers with guest participation is only part of this memorable event.


Elegance of Asia

Your guests will feel like part of the Imperial family as they step into the elegance of Asia.  Harmony and Balance are evident here with the strength of the dragon and wisdom of Buddha.  The four elements: earth, fire, water and wind are presented in the rooms setting.  The room's central focal point is a bamboo waterfall with lilies and fish in the pond.  Paper lanterns with good luck symbols decorate above the dance floor.

Awards Dinners

Treat your guests like the stars of Hollywood.  We do everything from a red carpet interviews upon arrival to the awards production.  The night is full of entertainment, anticipation and glamour and your guests will be the stars of this production.


Monte Carlo Casino Night

A night of high stakes, fast action and rolling excitement.  Your guests will fill the thrill of Monte Carlo or Las Vegas without ever leaving the resort.  This night is full of interaction amongst your guests, no matter what their game.  The games of Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold'em, and Craps will keep the cards playing and the dice rolling all night.


Fire and Ice Awards Night

The room explodes with fire and ice.  Fabric flames contrasted with icicles and snowflakes drape from the ceiling.  Illuminated centerpieces represent burning coals and simmering flames versus shivering ice cubes and frozen blue waters.  The room is surrounded with triangles enhanced by fire and water lighting effects.  A modern clear Plexiglas awards podium is lighted for the evening's awards.


Masquerade Ball

Step into a playful and elegant wonderland.  This Masquerade Ball will be a night of magic your guests will never forget.

Additional themes such as Key West Carnival, Awards Dinners, Garden Parties, Western Cookout Party, Nautical Dock Party, and International decorations are available.  Call or e-mail us for more information.




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